Virtual Learning Platform

Training courses facilitated and offered by Margraf Publishers, mostly on behalf of GIZ, cover a variety of subjects. The e-learning courses on «Organisational Development for Water Utilities», «Sector Governance in Urban Sanitation» and «Mangaging Non-Revenue Water» for the GIZ programs WAVEplus and MENA-WANT complement regional seminars and training courses.

Increasingly, also "traditional" Face-to-face trainings are complemented by virtual workspaces which offer downloads for preparation and background information, communication among participants after the training and which ensure a better sustainability of results by follow-up measures like transfer tasks or action plans.

Current Trainings & Workspaces

We currently offer the following e-Learning courses and online training rooms. Click on the title to learn more and to apply for participance. Please proceed to Log-In/Out if you already have a user account.

25.08.2014 - 22.09.2014  -  Online course, MP Training platform, E-Learning
This e-Learning course consists of two units. Unit 4 «Doing a Good Job» shows, why some people do a better job than others and what they do to achieve this. People are the most valuable assets of an organization – they deserve to be treated that way, so Unit 5 looks onto organizations from «The Employee Side».
02.02.2015 - 16.03.2015  -  Online course, MP Training platform, E-Learning
This e-Learning course consists of three units. Unit 6 shows how water utilities are contributing to the common good in their communities when they accept their «Social Responsibility». Increasing revenues and decreasing costs are the keys to «Financial Sustainability» – topic of Unit 7. Unit 8 «Managing for Operational Improvement» shows some of the important techniques that can improve operational performance.